A Word From Our Readers

We love to hear from our readers. Check out what people are saying on Amazon about some of our most recent titles:



DobsonCanoeing the Great Plains by Patrick Dobson

“I read Patrick Dobson’s first book, Seldom Seen a few years back. The idea of heading west on I-70 with nothing but a backpack has always appealed to me. In Seldom Seen, Mr. Dobson captured my imagination with his vivid depictions of the characters he met along the way. Now, here he is again, capturing my inner Huck Finn with “Canoeing.” This book shows his maturity as a writer. Mr. Dobson displays his skill depicting interactions with people and the passing scenery. If you have ever driven across a large river bridge and wondered what it would be like to head down that river in a canoe, read this book. He takes “Canoeing” a step further and tells the reader about his spiritual journey from a dissolute past to mature man. If you liked Cheryl Strayed’s Wild, you will find the male counter-part in Canoeing the Great Plains.” –Gary (Amazon 5/20/2015)




Maimonides and the Book That Changed Judaism by Micah GoodmanGoodman

“Fascinating Book…
Micah Goodman is brilliant…
I love his Youtubes also…” –Lawrence (Amazon 6/9/2015)




LaPier and Beck Cover Ideas-.inddCity Indian by Rosalyn LaPier and David R. M. Beck

“Inspired my curiosity! Chicago was and still is a crossroads for Native Americans of all tribes, especially during 1893-1934. Proud of the Native American leadership during this time. Must read for everyone.” –Patricia (Amazon 5/31/2015)




The Colonel and Hug by Steve Steinberg and Lyle Spatz9780803248656

“Where do I start? I guess the best thing to say is that this is a book for not just Yankee fans but for baseball fans everywhere. It’s a wonderful journey into the history of the most storied franchise in baseball history. In fact while reading this book it is almost as if one can close their eyes and just imagine being there when the great Yankee Dynasty was born. Both Mr. Steinberg and Mr. Spatz have hit a home run with this book and if you buy only one book this year, I would recommend this one as a must have for your library!!!!!!!” –Kevin (Amazon 5/3/2015)

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