Reading List: Western History Association

The Western History Association’s 55th annual conference is in Portland, Oregon on October 21-24, 2015. Stop by booths 21 and 23 to find out more about these books and other forthcoming titles from UNP!

Featured Books


American Antiquities by Terry A. Barnhart

Terry A. Barnhart exposes several deeply embedded historiographical problems as he reexamines the origins of American archaeology.


Borderland Films by Dominique Bregent-Heald

War, identity, criminality and citizenship—all projected on the big screen and interpreted here.


Grizzly West by Michael J. Dax

A chronicle of the attempt and ultimate failure to reintroduce these bears to a home somewhere between the Old and New West.


Coming of Age in Chicago by Curtis M. Hinsley and David R. Wilcox

A glimpse into the 1893 gathering of historians and anthropologists at the Chicago Columbian Exposition Fairgrounds to discover and discuss indigenous studies.


Captivating Westerns by Susan Kollin

Captivating Westerns revisits popular uses of the Western plot and cowboy hero in understanding American global power in the post-9/11 period.


Illicit Love by Ann McGrath

A history of interracial relationships between colonists and indigenous peoples in America and Australia.


This Benevolent Experiment by Andrew Woolford

The supposed solution to the “Indian problem,” indigenous boarding schools in Canada and the United States created massive problems of their own.


Southern Exodus to Mexico by Todd W. Wahlstrom

An attempt to continue colonization south of Texas after the American Civil War—and the effect that attempt had on the Native population.


Civil War & Reconstruction in Indian Territory by Bradley R. Clampitt

As America tore itself apart during the Civil War, the Natives were caught in the political crossfire.

Visit the Western History Association website for more information on the conference.

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