A Word From Our Readers

We love to hear what our readers have to say about our books!  Check out these comments written by readers on Amazon:


CatherLucy Gayheart is one of the greatest books in my memory, certainly the best among the five Willa Cather books I have read. Though difficult to describe to one who is unfamiliar with the style, the story is lovely, wistfully romantic… and Cather’s sparkling prose is simply unequaled. I especially loved the novel’s reflection of the creative spirit—Lucy is a young artist full of ardent longing, passion, and ultimately pain.” –Natalie (Amazon 7/28/2000)





“In Grizzly West Michael Dax not only crafts a captivating historical narrative but also tells one hell of a good story. I was fascinated to learn about the dichotomy between the Old and the New West, an element of Western culture that I’ve been surrounded by my whole life but have never considered in the context of major environmental policy. For anyone interested in both the past and future of public lands and wildlife conservation, this is a must-read!” –Sullivan (Amazon 6/24/2015)




Hayes“Impressive collection of the most current scholarship on the Holocaust.” –Lawrence (Amazon 6/20/2015)









“As a man who was lucky enough to see the State Band of Oaxaca perform in Oaxaca eight years ago, I was thrilled to learnthat this book had been published. Mr. Heath brilliantly explains how the band doesn’t just entertain, how it also unifies, educates, and entertains the diverse populace of Oaxaca and is clearly a part today of popular political culture. A fine piece of work, I highly recommend it.” –Todd (Amazon 8/12/2015)




Kiesel“This is an EXCELLENT piece on Dr. Dorothy B. Ferebee. It should be required reading to all young women, in particular, young African American women. The strength of Dorothy throughout a life time of adversity is astonishing and motivating. The author’s obvious care of the subject flows easily through her writing. I didn’t want it to end!” –PrimeLover (Amazon 8/12/2015)





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