Remembering Rabbi Borowitz


Jewish Publication Society author, long serving JPS board member, and JPS Scholar of Distinction Professor, Eugene Borowitz passed away on Friday. In a Forward obituary, Rabbi Rick Jacobs, president of the Union for Reform Judaism, called Borowitz “a larger-than-life figure in postwar Judaism.”

The director of the Jewish Publication Society, Rabbi Barry L. Schwartz, offered the following reflections:

“He was my esteemed teacher in rabbinical school; a brilliant mind who demanded much from his students. I also had the privilege of sitting next to Professor Borowitz when I was a community rabbi on the JPS publications committee more than a decade ago.

We are proud to have published his now classic Renewing the Covenant as well as Studies in the Meaning of Judaism in our scholar series. Professor Borowitz is considered the leading Reform Jewish theologian of our time; his legacy is an enduring gift to us all.”


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