Doc Martyn’s Soul: If book marketers were interviewed by sports journalists

This past weekend I watched A LOT of sport. Soccer, basketball, football, and tennis… In each broadcast, journalists quickly jostled to interview players and coaches shortly after the game ended. As I listened, halfheartedly I admit, to the interviews I started imagining that rather than Arsene Wenger, Tim Miles, Cam Newton, and Victoria Azarenka being questioned it was I who stood in front of the microphone. This imaginary scene wasn’t a sports junkie fantasy. Instead, the “me” in the scenario wore the garb of a book marketer. The questions reporters posed in the real world had all the familiarity one would expect: how did you win? What was special about today? What comes next? And so on. In the alternate reality the book marketer answered similar questions and I realized we marketers have everything in common with superhero sports stars!

Q Tell us about the season so far.

A I’m really excited. The team is dynamic. I just want to be a leader and carry my team to success.

Q What do you think of the competition?

A We’re not focused on the competition. We’re going to make our own moves and make sure we handle our business.

Q You’ve got some big books on the roster this season. What can we expect?

A You never know with rookies. Each one is going to have to step up to the plate in order to reach our goals.

Q Tell us about the third quarter.

A Well, obviously, the third quarter was big for us. My team pulled together and executed our strategy perfectly. I can’t say enough about my teammates.

Q What do you want to say to your fans?

A Our fans are the greatest in the world. Every time I hear from our fans I’m just grateful for the way they inspire us to be the best we can be. When we’re out there and we get to meet them face to face it just reminds us how lucky we are to be here in Nebraska.

Q So, what happens next?

A We’re just focusing on one book at a time. We don’t want to get carried away. Obviously we’re challenging for top spot but we just have to stay focused on what we do.


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