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Selling War

by Steven J. Alvarez

Praise from Task & Purpose:

“Alvarez captures the chaos, bureaucracy, and confusion of those responsible for communicating on behalf of the military, as the nation was unwillingly dragged into an extended insurgency campaign for which it was little prepared. Selling War is a cautionary lesson for those who fail to grasp the vital importance of messaging in the competing narratives of modern conflict.”


For the Love of Wine

by Alice Fiering

Recommendation from Hawk Wakawaka Wine Reviews:

“Feiring brings to her writing on Georgia a simultaneous freshness and refinement that surpasses that of her previous books . . . Where her writing before has rallied against the homogenizing force of globalization, here she has found a means to use that power for the sake of what she believes in.”


My Wife Wants You to Know I’m Happily Married

by Joey Franklin

Received the 2015 Association for Mormon Letters Award in Creative Nonfiction


War on the Silver Screen

by Glen Jeansonne and David Luhrssen

Review from H-Net:

“…an engaging and highly readable work suited for those interested in the ways in which cultural artifacts, such as film, intersect with martial, political, and social matrices to imbue historical events with meaning and memory.”


On Point

by Tracy Crow

Review from Military Spouse Book Review:

On Point leads an important step in the right direction to making the military experience more visible to ourselves and those around us.”


Stolen Words

by Mark Glickman

Review from Reform Judaism:

“Long after the last human survivor is no longer here to tell the story, Jewish books, including Stolen Words, will help us, in the words of the author, ‘to keep faith with the past and sustain hope in our future.'”


Larwrence J. Haas


Author op-ed published in USA Today.

Michael Dax


Author interview in the Way of Improvement.

Deepak Tripathi

Layout 1

Author article in History News Network.


Falafel Nation

by Yael Raviv

Author interview with The Forward and Haaretz.

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