New Award Winners

A warm round of applause for our award-winning authors! Congratulations!


Author Award


Whiting Award: 2016 Winner in Poetry


by Safiya Sinclair

“She renders the geography of Jamaica as something that takes over her body, and yet concludes with the most personal of possessions…”—Wellfleet


Book Awards 


2016 Spur Award: Best Western Juvenile Nonfiction

This Strange Wilderness

by Nancy Plain

“…an absorbing, particularly researched narrative.”—Booklist



2016 Colonial Dames of America Book Award

She Can Bring Us Home

by Diane Kiesel

“Kiesel’s reporting on and writing about Boulding will cause you to reflect about where this country has been and the directions in which it is going . . . an engaging and enjoyable read.”—New York Law Journal



2016 SABR Baseball Research Award

The Colonel and Hug

by Steve Steinberg

“A top-notch sports biography.”—Kirkus Reviews



2016 Alaskana Award

So How Long Have You Been Native?

by Alexis C. Bunten

“From cover to cover, the book reads as one large captivating story comprised of many snapshots of the author’s life.”—CHOICE



2015 Association for Mormon Letters: Creative Nonfiction

My Wife Wants You to Know I’m Happily Married

by Joey Franklin

“He handles each subject deftly and openly, showing how we’re not alone in our foibles, our freakishness . . . An essential addition to any public or university library, especially those with creative writing programs.”—Library Journal


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