News and Reviews




Rival Gardes

by Connie Wanek

Praise from the Christian Science Monitor:

“What I like best about her poems is how planted they are. Wanek’s life is a doing life, and her poems grasp their subjects as she might grip a hand tool – with clear intention and skill.”


My Wife Wants You to Know I’m Happily Married

by Joey Franklin

Review from Creative Nonfiction Magazine:

“Franklin recognizes that the truth of the story depends on the context that surrounds it, as well as what is left unsaid.”


Review in PaleoFuture / Gizmodo:

“…a worthwhile introduction into both the history of the USIA and the latter stages of Murrow’s career.”



Mahtem Shifferaw


Author interview with Short Story Africa

Patrick Bresnihan


Author interview for an article in The Irish Times


Lawrence J. Haas


Author article in US News

C. Richard King


Author op-ed in Indian Country Today Media Network

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