News and Reviews





Safiya Sinclair

One of Literary Hub‘s “Oscar nominees” for best book of poetry.


Before Boas

by Han F. Vermeulen

Praise from American Anthropologist:

“To use words such as ‘magisterial’ and ‘compendious’ about this book may understate the case.”


Beyond the Fruited Plain

Kathryn Cornell Dolan

Review in Great Plains Quarterly:

“Dolan beautifully defines the social justice implications of her work, arguing on behalf of literature as the ‘foundational site of cultural production, as a nation defines itself through its literary works’…”

Daniels-I Go Again.indd

There I Go Again

William Daniels

Review in Sitcoms Online:

“This book is one of the best written books by an actor I’ve seen. It’s fun, informative and it makes you feel like you’ve known Mr. Daniels as a friend or family member.”


Thinking About the Torah

Kenneth Seeskin

Book featured in Mosaic Magazine‘s monthly essay.


Fleda Brown


Author interview in National Writers Series.

Safia Elhillo


Author featured in Huffington Post article.

B. J. Hollars


Author interview on Wisconsin Public Radio.


Joel Sartore


Author interviewed on NPR for new book documenting the world’s animals.

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