Reading List: Nebraska 150 Books

This year marks Nebraska’s sesquicentennial—150 years since we were admitted as the 37th state. To celebrate, Nebraska 150 Books has put together a list of the 150 most important books about Nebraska. Today we’re sharing just a few of the noteworthy UNP books that made the list, in addition to our Nebraska 150 book sale.



Black Elk Speaks: The Complete Edition by John G. Neihardt

2017 One Book One Nebraska selection


Old Jules (Third Edition) by Mari Sandoz

“A realistic biography, a rare find. On putting down this book one feels that one has read the history of all pioneering.”—New York Times Book Review


Women Elders’ Life Stories of the Omaha Tribe: Macy, Nebraska, 2004-2005 by Wynne L. Summers
In this poetic account, Wynne L. Summers presents three Omaha female elders’ lives in their own voices, giving agency to their experiences both on and off the reservation.
Local Wonders: Seasons in the Bohemian Alps by Ted Kooser
“A quietly eloquent diary of a year in a small town in Nebraska. . . . This is a heartfelt plainspoken book about slowing down and appreciating the world around you.”—New York Times book critic Janet Maslin on CBS News Sunday Morning 


Mayor Helen Boosalis: My Mother’s Life in Politics by Beth Boosalis Davis

“For readers interested in Nebraska’s local politics and how it may have changed between then and now, the book offers a wealth of information to contemplate.”—Chris Beutler, Prairie Fire


A Harmony of the Arts: The Nebraska State Capitol edited by Frederick C. Luebke

Presents the first survey in many years of Nebraska’s magnificent capitol and offers new ways of looking at it.

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