Reading List: Hello, Spring

Looking forward to clearing out the garden and potting flowers? We have a few books that can help.



Wildflowers of the Western Plains

Zoe Merriman Kirkpatrick

“Dreamers, as well as those living in or trekking through the western Great Plains, a region from eastern Montana and the western Dakotas south to West Texas, will put this delightful volume to good use.”—Diane M. Calabrese, American References Books Annual


Growing Local

Edited by Robert P. King et al.

“The subject is highly important to the current and future development of the food industry, especially for local alternatives.” —Charles Francis, professor of agronomy and horticulture



Your Midwest Garden

Jan Riggenbach

“This book is a must for avid and novice gardeners alike, who want their garden to not just survive—but thrive!”—Hope


Good Growing

Leslie A. Duram

“Plant this book in the hands of students and in the minds of consumers. The yield will surprise everyone.”—Bob Scowcroft, Organic Farming Research Foundation


North American Wildland Plants, Third Edition

Edited by James Stubbendieck et al.

“Will prove useful to both individuals with limited botanical knowledge as well as natural resource professionals in identifying wildland plants.”—Natural Resources Journal

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