The Marketeers Club: BookExpo & BookCon

Rosemary Vestal is the publicity manager for UNP. Her new last name will soon be Sekora and her husband is a huge Boy Meets World fan.

The University of Nebraska Press is no stranger to BookExpo (formerly BookExpo America) held in the great city of New York. Every year we display our newest books to the industry and have meaningful conversations with colleagues we rarely get to see. Not many people in publishing make it to Lincoln, Nebraska, regularly.

The Press also has the benefit of sticking around when BookExpo is over to show off our books at BookCon. BookCon is the rare event where anyone can buy a ticket and meet publishers, book retailers, and authors face to face all in one place. Even better, UNP can talk with readers directly about our mission and the books we publish.

Both shows were equal successes accompanied by author signings with Steve Steinberg, John Florio and Ouisie Shapiro, Tom Renahan, Mark Stein, Tom Basile, Jean Ardell, and last but not least, William Daniels. (You may recognize him from his most iconic roles, among them George Feeny in Boy Meets World, KITT in Knight Rider, Dr. Mark Craig in St. Elsewhere, and John Adams in the play and film 1776.)

Daniels-I Go Again.inddPotomac Books, an imprint of UNP, published his memoir There I Go Again (March, 2017) and just off his 90th birthday on March 31, he was willing to make the trip to New York with his wife, Bonnie, and sign copies of the book for his fans of all ages.

Really, all ages.

The first signing brought many fans of 1776. Mom and daughter duos told Daniels that they watch it every Fourth of July.

One woman only came to BookCon to meet Daniels aka Mr. Feeny. She lined up at 10:00 a.m. for the 2:00 p.m. signing. Three others joined shortly after her for the same reason.

The line at BookCon was overwhelming filled with Mr. Feeny fans. Speeches were being recited thanking Daniels for inspiring them to become teachers (I heard this comment a lot). Bonnie also signed a number of books with Bill–a dream come true for St. Elsewhere fans.

I feel lucky that I was able to meet the Daniels and help promote the book. But I was even more honored when Daniels seemed genuinely pleased to know that I was just married. When I arrived home, my own Mr. Feeny fan was quite thrilled by his favorite TV character’s response.

Here are more fans who shared their excitement:


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