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Amina Gautier


Winner of the PEN/Malamud Award:

“Amina Gautier is a prolific and award-winning writer of short fiction. In myriad stories that captivate readers and critics alike, she complicates and illuminates the intersection of self and place, with characters who navigate the pitfalls and pleasures of claiming a complex identity in a world that at times seems to insist on simple answers”





Alou: My Baseball Journey

Felipe Alou with Peter Kerasotis

Recommendation from Gary Thorne,the play-by-play voice of the Orioles:

“This is an important book. This is a Jackie Robinson story from a different place in a different time.”



Turning Points in Jewish History

Marc J. Rosenstein

Starred review in Kirkus:

“A rock-solid primer on the history and background of the Jewish people that will appeal to adherents and non-Jews alike.”



The Shell Game: Writers Play with Borrowed Forms

Edited and with an Introduction by Kim Adrian

Praise from Hippocampus:

“…just because hermit crab essays allow you to have fun with form, they aren’t, when it comes to subject matter, always all play: these pieces can pack a punch as much as they can delight.”



Black Planet: Facing Race during an NBA Season

David Shields

Featured in The Ringer:

“If it were a ‘better’ book, it wouldn’t be half as good… Black Planet was a happy accident.”



Contesting French West Africa: Battles over Schools and the Colonial Order, 1900–1950

Harry Gamble

Reviewed in H-France:

“Indeed, the book succeeds in bringing both French and African players into view in the ‘battles over schools.’ … It is deeply researched, and uses an impressive variety of sources—from archival documents, to press sources, and published accounts.”



In the Highest Degree Tragic: The Sacrifice of the U. S. Asiatic Fleet in the East Indies during World War II

Donald M. Kehn, Jr.

Praise from Michigan War Studies Review:

In the Highest Degree Tragic tells an even-handed, riveting story of the last days of a fleet that fought loyally against great odds in a chaotic time of sweeping defeats.”



The Woman Who Fought an Empire: Sarah Aaronsohn and Her Nili Spy Ring

Gregory J. Wallance

Review in Jerusalem Post:

“Wallance’s saga is a fascinating, entirely readable entry into the history of the Nili spy ring”



Culture On Two Wheels: The Bicycle in Literature & Film

Edited & with an Introduction by Jeremy Withers and Daniel P. Shea

Review in Sport in American History:

“An extensive and unique analysis for anyone interested in bicycles, especially those who find interest in its use beyond technical and mechanic ability.”



Vice Capades: Sex, Drugs, and Bowling from the Pilgrims to the Present

Mark Stein

Review in Criminal Law and Criminal Justice Books:

“While this book touches on some issues that many informed students of U.S. history will know, there are countless anecdotes that will surprise even the most knowledgeable scholars. For a topic area that has received very little attention in peer-reviewed journals and books, this historical account will entertain and educate both laypersons and academics.”




Jay M. Smith


Author featured in Chronicle of Higher Education and Wall Street Journal.


Scott D. Seligman

Seligman-3rd Degree.indd

Author interviewed on Vice.


Gil Troy


Author interviewed on Seekers of Meaning podcast.




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