Now in Paperback from the Jewish Publication Society

The following books are now available in paperback editions.


The Power of Song And Other Sephardic Tales by Rita Roth, designed and illustrated by Alexa Ginsburg, foreword by Morris B. Margolies

“The stories are the perfect centerpiece for family storytelling. . . . Readers are taken on a ride through Jewish Mediterranean history.”—Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle

“This book is wonderful reading for young adults and adults to expand their knowledge of Sephardic culture.”—National Jewish Post and Opinion



The JPS Holiday Anthologies, 8-volume set edited by Philip Goodman and Abraham E. Millgram


“Throughout my long career as a rabbi, the JPS holiday anthologies have been an essential resource. All the core background is in one place. If I need a holiday story, the anthologies contain a wide range of choices. And sections on celebrations worldwide provide new approaches to festivals.”—Rabbi Steven Bob, author of Jonah and the Meaning of Our Lives

“This reissue is good news! I read this rich, varied, and classic series with pleasure and collected the volumes avidly when they first appeared.”—Rabbi Reuven Hammer, author of Akiva: Life, Legend, Legacy

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