What We’re Reading

UNP staff members are always reading new books, both within our list and outside of what we publish. Here are some of the books where our noses have been buried.


July Staff Reading List


brief cases

Brief Cases

Stories from The Dresden Files

Jim Butcher

“It is a collection of Dresden Files short stories he wrote for various short story collections. Many of the stories are written about supporting characters and I am enjoying seeing things develop from their perspectives. I am a huge fan of the Dresden Files series and this is a nice appetizer for the next book.” —Rob Buchanan



I Don’t Know How She Does It

Allison Pearson

“I picked it up based on a recent great review of the sequel, How Hard Can It Be?,  that was already checked out of the library. And when I realized that there were two books, I wanted to read them in order. I love them. Funny stories about hard-working women have been done many times, but these are from a British point of view and are smart, amusing, and poignant. I’m going to be sorry to finish the sequel and hope there are more books to come. Good summer reading.” —Alison Rold


morning star

Morning Star

Red Rising, Book 3

Pierce Brown

“I highly recommend this trilogy if you like science fiction with gory death scenes. And if you don’t, I recommend reading his acknowledgements in this third book. Lovely and inspiring.” —Rosemary Sekora


how to brew

How To Brew: Everything You Need to Know to Brew Great Beer Every Time, 4th Edition

John J. Palmer

“My wife and I started homebrewing this summer, so I was looking for a good book on the subject. This one is well respected, recently revised, and has been fairly entertaining. It can read like a science textbook from time to time, but Palmer usually does a good job of giving a simple gloss and keeping me engaged. You can blame this book if I someday talk you ear off about water chemistry.” —Joel Puchalla


boys in the boat

The Boys in the Boat: Nine Americans and Their Epic Quest for Gold at the 1936 Berlin Olympics

David James Brown

“This is a book club pick for my friend’s podcast series called Olympic Fever. The author does a really good job of both setting the scene of Depression-Era America and describing what’s happening at the same time in Germany ahead of the Berlin Olympics.” —Erica Corwin



That Hideous Strength

The Space Trilogy, Book 3

C. S. Lewis

“I’ve only just finished the second book, but it ended powerfully. The size and subject matter of this last installment promise something epic.” —Anna Weir


Crazy Rich Asians Trilogy

Kevin Kwan

“My sister started reading Crazy Rich Asians in preparation for the movie, so the book passed to me when she was done.  In the spirit of excess, I binged the whole trilogy in almost less time than a trip to Paris for shopping couture. Recommended for readers who enjoy a large cast of personalities, exaggerated circumstances, witty writing, nuances of East Asian culture and history, and characters who think Hermès is for poor millionaires.” —Heather Stauffer


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