News and Reviews


Publisher for the Masses:

Emmanuel Haldeman-Julius

R. Alton Lee

Review in Times Literary Supplement:

“Emanuel Haldeman-Julius was the publisher of the Little Blue Books, a series of paperbacks that for six decades offered American readers a wide variety of literature for pennies, with the goal of educating the rural working classes. Selling these books on a direct delivery basis, Haldeman-Julius could at one point lay claim to being the second most prolific publisher in the country, outstripped only by the US Government Printing Office.”

Haig’s Coup:

How Richard Nixon’s Closest Aide Forced Him From Office

Ray Locker

Called “worthwhile” by Kirkus:

“Locker’s account is especially revelatory when he moves away from the convoluted scandals of Watergate and explains how Haig maneuvered to place Gerald Ford as Nixon’s successor… Locker’s reconsideration of the Nixon administration offers enough fresh insight to make it worthwhile.”

The Masters:

A Hole-by-Hole History of America’s Golf Classic

David Sowell

Praised by The Guy Who Reviews Sports Books:

“Using a unique format in which the history of events that happened at each hole is described, Sowell will inform readers about golfers in every era… As a reader in this category, this information was very helpful for me to learn the complete history of the tourney and to understand just HOW some of those great shots were made.”

Colonial Suspects:

Suspicion, Imperial Rule, and Colonial Society in Interwar French West Africa

Kathleen Keller

Review in the Journal of Interdisciplinary History:

“Keller’s well-written book examines the history of colonial surveillance in interwar French West Africa, with an emphasis on Senegal and Dakar… Keller’s study is an important and insightful addition to a growing field of works that bring together the history of colonialism and that of global surveillance.”

A Certain Loneliness:

A Memoir

Sandra Gail Lambert

A finalist in the Lammys!


Ila Borders

Nominated for the Dorothy Seymour Mills Lifetime Achievement Award.

Jeffrey D. Simon

Interview in Vice.

Nicholas Hirshon

On the Steve Somers Show.

James Davis

Interview in the Way of Improvement’s author corner.

Randon Billings Noble

Interview on Work-in-Progress.

Joanie Schirm

Featured on Growing Bolder.



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