New in Paperback

The following books are now available in paperback as of this month! 

Homesteading the Great Plains: Toward a New History

2018 Nebraska Book Award Winner
2018 Outstanding Academic Title, selected by Choice

Homesteading the Plains is an important revisionist work—a must-read for those interested in the revitalization of historical interest in homesteading and the settlement of the Far West.”—Mark M. Carroll, Western Historical Quarterly 

Captivating Westerns: The Middle East in the American West

2016 Thomas J. Lyon Book Award from the Western Literature Association

“In exploring the post-9/11 Western in relation to the long and complex history of the cultural relationship between the U.S. West and the Middle East, Kollin makes a forceful case for the continuing relevance of western literary studies for understanding both how American empire is propagated and how it might be overcome.”—Alex Trimble Young, Montana Magazine 

Intersectionality: Origins, Contestations, Horizons 

2017 Outstanding Academic Title, selected by Choice

“This is, perhaps, Carastathis’s greatest insight: she urges us to think about intersectionality as a ‘profoundly destabilizing, productively disorienting, provisional concept’ whose work remains to be done. In this account, intersectionality refers to our desire to keep dreaming of a more just social world.”—Jennifer C. Nash, American Quarterly

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