New from JPS: One Night, One Hanukkah Night


Originally published in 1999, The Jewish Publication Society is re-releasing this celebratory children’s book in paperback. This book is for young readers ages three to eight years old. 


About the Book:

One night, one light
One shining Hanukkah light
In the great silver menorah

The same menorah that shone in Bubby and Zaidy’s house so long ago now glistens in a modern home. Children sing Hanukkah songs, make latkes, and act out historic scenes. For each night there is a new form of celebration as a new candle is added to the great silver menorah.


Aidel Backman has written and illustrated a lively, full-color treasure. In this warm book, Hanukkah traditions pass from one generation to the next, from an Eastern European shtetl to America. This colorful work looks at the many ways families can celebrate this joyous holiday. Young children will most likely ask their adult friends to reread this rhythmical text at least every night of Hanukkah and probably long after the eight days are over.

About the Author:

Aidel Backman attended the School of Visual Arts, majoring in illustration. She has previously taught Jewish studies and art in a junior high and a high school and also taught art in a senior center as well as arts and crafts in a summer program. She has illustrated several books, including Wonder Worm and Shimmy the Youngest.

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