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Palmer Jr

When Dream Bear Sings

Gus Palmer Jr.

Review in the Journal of Folklore Research:

“A diverse collection of texts from each linguistic family of the Native American Southern Plains, When Dream Bear Sings evokes a singular editorial freedom, and in juxtaposing texts crafted in different eras, for different purposes, and by authors of diverse sensitivities, interrogates a paradoxical literary tradition—that of the documentation and revitalization of Native American oral traditions—on its evolution, its promises, and its shortcomings.”


Sibley Williams

Skin Memory

John Sibley Williams

Praise in the San Francisco Review of Books:

“Throughout the pages of this mesmerizing book John allows us time to ponder about the concepts he places into poems—grief, loss, death and dying, identity, tragedy, awakening to some greater aura of being. The poems are grounded in reality, all the more available to enter our philosophy into the stages John creates.”



The Presidential Fringe

Mark Stein

Praise from Kirkus Reviews:

“Informative and entertaining, forcing American readers to take some glances into what at times is an unflattering mirror.”



How the West was Drawn

David Bernstein

Review in Western Historical Quarterly:

“Bernstein not only engages the historiography of Native America and cartography, but also joins a growing corpus that reassesses U.S. expansion from the point of view of those on the ground who would subvert and offer contingencies to the path of empire.”



Abraham Joshua Heschel

Edward K. Kaplan

Praise from Booklist:

“Kaplan embeds Heschel’s activism in his voluminous writing career, affording a blazingly impressive portrait of what it means to be a public intellectual.”



So Close to Freedom

Jean-Luc E. Cartron

Review by Strategy Page:

So Close to Freedom is a good read, well written, about a small part of the large, and complex history of the Resistance, as will prove rewarding reading for anyone interested in the Resistance or escape and evasion.”



Apostles of Empire

Bronwen McShea

Praise in the Journal of Jesuit Studies:

“McShea’s argument itself—well-substantiated and persuasive—should recommend the book to historians of early Canada, as well as to those at work on the Jesuits and early modern missions at large. Apostles of Empire makes a remarkable contribution to the historiography of early modern New France, of a piece with the growing body of scholarship that probes the connection between empire and religion in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.”



Natalie Diaz


Listing in Paperback Paris.


Rafael Medoff


Interviewed by The Times of Israel and published an article in The Jerusalem Post.


Sonja Livingston


Excerpt in Parabola.


Stephen J. C. Andes


Interview in Latinx Conversations podcast.


Quinn Grover and Tiffany Midge


Both listed by High Country News.


Romeo Oriogun


Feature by Brittle Paper.


Xu Xi


Interview by The Rumpus.


Aria Aber


Featured in America‘s poetry roundup.

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