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Hard Damage

Aria Aber

Praise from the LA Review of Books:

“If documentary witness shows us what is, Aber’s is a lyric witness—summoning the conditional and counterfactual as constitutive components of the present. It is exile’s promise: missing what has never been touched, mourning foreclosed futures, learning of the past through the unreliable narration from those plagued by loss and tasked with rebuilding.”



How to Survive Death and Other Conveniences

Sue William Silverman

Recommended in Bitch Media as a feminist essay collection to read in 2020.



An Incipient Mutiny

Dwight R. Messimer

Review by the New York Journal of Books:

“Many book titles exaggerate the importance of the subject or at least offer more than the book delivers. This work does the opposite. In Incipient Mutiny, Dwight Messimer tells the forgotten, stormy, and important history of “army aviation on the ground floor” as a part of its beginnings in the Signal Corps. It is not about mutiny as much as evolution and revolution.”



The Virgin of Prince Street

Sonja Livingston

Praise in America Magazine:

“While many passages pay homage to saints and martyrs, and cherished nuns and priests, this is not a book of devotion. It is a narrative rendered by a skilled creative nonfiction writer who understands that to explore means to linger in the complexity of one’s subject.”



Gothic Queer Culture

Laura Westengard

Praise from Art Discourse:

“The real reason why Gothic Queer Culture is impossible to put down is that in addition to being meticulously argued, it is celebratory. In the spirit of Lady Gaga’s gleefully bloody and irreverent meat dress, with which Westengard opens the book, Gothic Queer Culture gracefully sidesteps moralizing judgments of the artists and writers whose challenging work it examines, choosing instead to emphasize the affirmative power of reveling in the lurid grey areas that queer artists and their work so often occupy.”



Starring Red Wing!

Linda M. Waggoner

Review in Library Journal:

“Relying on careful and copious research, Waggoner skillfully weaves St. Cyr’s story with that of early American film and Native American history… Too few people know St. Cyr’s name—Waggoner rectifies that wrong, training a spotlight on an icon of early film who broke through barriers.”



Inside the Hot Zone

Mark G. Kortepeter

Review in Military Review:

“It is a great successor to Richard Preston’s The Hot Zone and will captivate readers from start to finish. I highly recommend this to all members of the military regardless of rank or branch of service. It is very informative and easy to read.”



Jeremy Beer


Featured in a Sports Media Report article about Oscar Charleston.


Derek Sandhaus


Interviewed on the Book Larder podcast.


Timothy Hillegonds


Wrote an article for the Chicago Tribune.


Jacqueline Saper


Quoted in WTTW News.


William H. Westermeyer


Interviewed on New Books Network.


Rafael Medoff


Article published in History News Network.

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