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Apple, Tree

Lise Funderburg

Review by Pop Matters:

“Meaningful discovery and understanding are Funderburg’s intent. Apple, Tree does not attempt to reiterate the Freudian blame posed on the mother or to blindly criticize the family unit. The contributors identify nuance; frequently framing themselves and their parents through multiple lenses. Apple, Tree provides a thoughtful meditation on individuals’ connections to heritage and legacy.”


Patrick Madden

Review in Kirkus:

“Madden writes a lot about writing and thinking, challenging readers to discover just what any of these pieces is really about… Throughout, the writing is playful and marked by humility, with Madden often inviting readers—and other writers—into the narrative. A capable collection of writing that continually reviews itself.”

How to Survive Death and Other Inconveniences

Sue William Silverman

Featured in Hippocampus Magazine:

“While at times her narrator spins out into ‘magical thinking,’ her descriptions of death will have readers pondering the realistic and myriad ways she (and by proxy, we) barely skirt death, or perhaps die a little, each day… Because of the distinctive subject matter and Silverman’s vast writing talents, How to Survive Death and Other Inconveniences will appeal to new and experienced readers alike.”

Containment in the Middle East

Ehud Eilam

Book Review in Military Review:

“The strength of Containment in the Middle East lies with Eilam’s ability to present multiple diverse issues and conflicting agendas facing the Middle East. He presents the complexity of each while offering potential solutions… Containment in the Middle East may be the most comprehensive study of the Middle East and attempts by the United States, Israel, and Arab Gulf nations to contain Iran. It is a must read for policy makers and those with an interest in the Middle East.”

The Jews Should Keep Quiet

Rafael Medoff

H-Net Review:

The Jews Should Keep Quiet is a chronicle of tragedy… To his credit, Medoff avoids accusations and condemnations. His tone is measured; his prose is crisp. He simply lays out the facts, many of them previously unknown or misunderstood, about a disturbing but important chapter in American history. The Jews Should Keep Quiet takes a place in the top tier of studies of American responses to the Holocaust.”

Affective Ecocriticism

Kyle Bladow and Jennifer Ladino

Review in Western American Literature:

“This volume provides a refreshingly sophisticated approach for integrating the interdisciplinary field of affect theory with ecocritical analysis… Part one of Affective Ecocriticism and its introduction alone are worth the price of admission. This is one of only a few new books I have felt compelled to add to my library.”

All My Relatives

David C. Posthumus

Review in the Journal of Anthropological Research:

“The strength of the book is its detailed, extremely well-researched account of Lakota religion… All My Relatives is an important contribution to the anthropological and ethnohistorical research on Lakota religion. It sets several standards for the field, showcasing the richness of sources, the complexity of theological Lakota argumentation, and how these sources can be analyzed in a meaningful way.”

The Wax Pack

Brad Balukjian

Featured on Sports Collectors Daily.


Liz Breazeale

Interview with Fictions Writers Review.

Aria Aber

Featured in the Yale Review.

Brad Balukjian

Interview with the New Books Network.

Fran Zimniuch

On Good Seats Still Available.

Mark Stein

On The Guy Phillips Show.

Shannon Bontrager

Interview on The Way of Improvement Leads Home.

John Sibley Williams

Interview with the Split Rock Review.

Rabbi Steven Bob

Featured on From the Desk.

Roger Gilles

Interview on New Books Network.

Derek Sandhaus

Author article for American Diplomacy.

Scott D. Seligman

Author article in Forward.

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