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An Unladylike Profession

Chris Dubbs

Starred review in Kirkus:

“In American Journalists in the Great War (2017), Dubbs barely mentioned the women reporters of World War I. This follow-up book is an impressive corrective… Readers will be inspired by the nearly unimaginable obstacles these journalists overcame to performs their jobs with flair. A welcome history suitable for World War I aficionados and budding journalists.”

Borderline Citizen

Robin Hemley

Review in Foreword Reviews:

“As a whole, the collection acknowledges human beings’ yearning to be part of a collective, but also illuminates the unforeseen, tragic, and sometimes hilarious consequences of belonging. ‘Are we not all citizens of the world?’ asks Borderline Citizen, a thought-provoking work that troubles the complexities of nationhood.”

Maryland, My Maryland

James A. Davis

Review from H-Net:

Maryland, My Maryland is an engaging read, in part, because of its prose but also because of its uniqueness… Davis very much has a new story to tell of a song that represented the divisiveness of the time. Maryland, My Maryland is a strong and important contribution to the field of Civil War history and hopefully will inspire others to take up their own microhistory research to shed more light on the most divisive period in US history.”

Political Godmother

Meg Heckman

Review in Kirkus:

“An underacknowledged newspaper publisher and conservative activist receives her biographical due… Heckman makes a convincing case for [Nackey Scripps Loeb’s} significant and lasting influence in conservative politics…. A straightforward biography that attests to the subject’s accomplishments without embracing her politics.”

Meander Belt

M. Randal O’Wain

Review in Hippocampus Magazine:

“Using frank prose and vivid imagery, O’Wain effectively absorbs the reader while sensitively peeling back the scab of time to reassemble the events that led him to where he is today… This is a quintessential American story of overcoming a life of hardship through perseverance and self-reclamation and coming out changed without really knowing where home is, but understanding the story continues.”

Choosing to Care

Kyle E. Ciani

Review from the Seattle Book Review:

“Kyle Ciani’s saga describes a century’s progress in these concerns, zoning in on San Diego, representative of a city that underwent a substantial change in a growing, diverse population between 1850-1950… Besides detailing the formal progression of social reform and childcare, Ciani has included case studies of individual children and families transforming an academic study into sympathetically readable urban history.”

Disparates: Essays

by Patrick Madden

Excerpt in The Rumpus.


Mark Goldberg

Author writes on COVID-19 and the historical implication of a “foreign virus” for Washington Post.

Derek Sandhaus

Interview with author on That’s Mag.

Sue William Silverman

Author interview on Voice America’s Good Grief.

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