New in Paperback: Baseball Edition

The following books are now available in paperback! And our Baseball Sale is heading into extra innings (now expires April 21) so shop now and steal some savings while the MLB season is postponed.

ALOU: “A worthwhile journey into baseball’s history and the rich story of one remarkable baseball man. All of us who know Alou are aware that his tale is remarkable. This book brings his story alive: his path from an impoverished upbringing to track star to baseball player to become the first major-league player from the Dominican Republic. . . . Alou is a precious part of the history of the Giants and the game.”—Ann Killion, San Francisco Chronicle

MASHI: “Fitts, coupled with Murakami’s voice and experiences, tells the proud tale of a young man who was whisked into the spotlight and became a shining example of the equality that could be reached between the Japanese and Americans on the baseball diamond. Reading Mashi brings us all a few steps closer to what it was like to be there on this landmark journey.”—San Francisco Examiner

PLAYING WITH TIGERS: “Playing with Tigers provides a wonderful, easy-to-follow anthropological view of an above-average minor league baseball player coming of age in a rapidly changing social environment.”—Timothy Dodson, Journal of Sport History

THE PITCHER AND THE DICTATOR: “This short, action-packed narrative illuminates one of those footnotes that dot the history of the game but are seldom explored in depth. Here the footnote explodes with unexpected vitality.”—Paul Dickson, Wall Street Journal

THE COLONEL AND THE HUG: “This book provides a valuable service in helping its readers better understand the genesis of the greatest dynasty in American sports history.”—David Shiner, Inside Game

WHEN BASEBALL WENT WHITE: “A boon to scholars of both the early development of baseball and race relations after the Civil War.”—Library Journal

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