Will Geoghegan at Home: On Writing, Baseball, and Nostalgia

Will Geoghegan is an award-winning sportswriter in Rhode Island who covers the Newport Gulls and Ocean State Waves of the New England Collegiate Baseball League. Since 2007 he has written about the Cape League at rightfieldfog.com.

Why is Summer Baseball Nation important now?

I certainly miss baseball these days, and I’m sure a lot of other people do, too. Baseball books can’t replace the real thing but hopefully they can fill the void, at least a little bit. Summer Baseball Nation has a nostalgic vibe—summer nights, small towns, the crack of the bat—and it tells the story of the 2016 season in summer collegiate leagues. I hope a tour through that season can help people get through our spring without baseball.

We do too! There’s joy in your book—joy in the simplest parts of the game that fans sorely miss. What do you hope other readers will take away from your book?

That baseball goes far beyond Major League stadiums and that summer collegiate baseball, in particular, is something truly unique. The best college baseball players in the country arrive to places they’ve never been before, connect with the community and, in many cases, play a summer of baseball that they’ll always remember. Imagine the same setup for college basketball’s stars? Zion Williamson playing in some small North Carolina town? Baseball has something special in the collegiate league piece of its development architecture and the people that make it happen really love being a part of it. 

What affects have social distancing had on your writing?

I’m mostly focused on my newspaper sportswriting work these days, which has obviously been impacted by social distancing and the resulting lack of sports. It has forced me to be creative in coming up with content, a challenge at times but not ultimately a bad thing. There’s more room for stories I’ve wanted to do but didn’t have time for amid the grind of local sports coverage. And that extends outside newspapers, too. I’ve got a little more time to think about what comes next.

Do you have any pets enjoying your company?


Banjo the cat is very much enjoying my company and my wife’s company. Less so the company of our 10-month-old daughter, whom he mostly steers clear of. Banjo hates strangers but is obsessed with his humans and wants to be doing whatever we’re doing. This is pretty much a dream come true for him.

What were you doing last year at this time? How do you think you’ll look back on this time next year?

Summer Baseball Nation was in the midst of the editing process, we were prepping for the arrival of the aforementioned baby and I was bundling up to cover spring high school sports (April in Rhode Island offers only rumors of spring). I think I’ll look back at all this as one of the stranger experiences of my life, but I hope I’m a little more appreciative the next time I’m covering baseball in April, even if it’s a little chilly.

One thought on “Will Geoghegan at Home: On Writing, Baseball, and Nostalgia

  1. Greatly enjoyed Will’s book SUMMER BASEBALL NATION. As he says in the interview, books don’t replace the games themselves, but Will’s descriptions of college players–their expectations and dreams, their triumphs in summer wood bat leagues–raised hopes that we’ll soon be seeing MLB players back in action and provided pleasure and perspective.

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