Introducing “Virtually Bison Books”

The University of Nebraska Press is excited to announce its first virtual book tour of the West with Bison Books! Explore Western Literature from your home or on the road with “Virtually Bison Books”.

Once described by many visitors as too high, too dry, too hot, and too empty, the spaces of the American West nevertheless drew countless numbers of seekers and dreamers who found possibilities and inspiration in this wild land. The West continues to draw visitors who find this place and its people intriguing. For nearly a century, Bison Books has helped sustain that intrigue by serving as the living literature of western lands and people. From fur traders to ranchers to indigenous people to scientists, Bison Books preserves the history of the peoples and cultures that have shaped this spectacular land and generated so many stories about it.

In an effort to make these stories more widely available, UNP is pleased to offer its Bison Books virtually. Now, you may tour the West from anywhere with Virtually Bison Books, an electronic portal to the e-books that preserve the West’s myths, lore, and history. Whether you’re interested in an historic trail or the lives of settlers or the wild West, the virtual tour will deliver the literary West in new and dynamic ways. Check our site often as we expand our subject lists, which will include historic trails, exploration, military activity, wildlife encounters, and other western themes.

The first tour book collection is called Western Trails. It offers a virtual guide to great Western stories by offering a geographic guide and links to the ebooks that capture these historic trail narratives.

Visit the webpage, check out the map, and share with us on social media the places you’ve been or plan to travel to—virtual or otherwise using the hashtag #VirtuallyBisonBooks.

The following books are included in Western Trails: 

Visit Virtually Bison Books page for a list of forthcoming virtual tours!

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