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How to Survive Death and Other Inceonveniences

Sue William Silverman

Praise from Lilith:

“It’s both ironic and not that the title of the book mentions death, since if there was ever a guide for how to live, this is it.”

The Biblical Hero: Portraits in Nobility and Fallibility

Elliot Rabin

Review in Jewish Book Council:

“In The Bib­li­cal Hero: Por­traits in Nobil­i­ty and Fal­li­bil­i­ty Elliot Rabin offers an engag­ing analy­sis of the unique man­ner in which our tra­di­tion has thought about the cham­pi­ons of our his­to­ry.”

Soldiers of the Nation: Military Service and Modern Puerto Rico, 1868–1952

Harry Franqui-Rivera

Praise from Reviews from American History:

“Like Harry Franqui-Rivera, I cannot understand Puerto Rico without the signifier of war. His book, which is the result of rigorous archival research in Puerto Rico, Spain, and the United States, presents a new interpretation of the close relation between war and transformation in our island.”

Horrible Mothers: Representaitons Across Francophone North America

Loïc Bourdeau

Review in French Studies:

“Overall, this timely volume invigorates scholarly attention to the role of the mother in culture and advocates for a reading of motherhood and maternity imbued with empowering potential for all women whose value is measured according to social expectations of mothers.”


Jaqueline Saper

Author interview in Chicago Now.

Joseph Siegman

Mentioned in a Forward article.

Laura Westengard

Interview on New Books Network.

Suzanne Roberts

Featured by the Tahoe Daily Tribune.

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