What We’re Reading

UNP Staff members are always reading new books, both within our list and outside of what we publish. Here are some of the titles where our noses have been buried.

April Staff Reading List

“This month I’ve discovered Samantha Irby, author of hilarious essay collections, my favorite of which is We Are Never Meeting in Real Life. Her work is hilarious, relatable, and raw. This particular collection may be the funniest thing I have ever read.”—Lacey Losh

The Lost Man by Jane Harper. While not the same kind of traditional mystery as Harper’s two previous novels, this story is compelling in its own way. As usual, Harper’s descriptions of the Australian landscape are fabulous and make the book well worth reading.” —Bridget Barry

It Came from Something Awful by Dale Beran. The subject matter (about the darker corners of the internet and their comingling with politics) makes for pretty unpleasant reading, but it’s been helpful in trying to retrospectively understand some of the online dynamics that continue to make the internet a landscape of wasted potential. As one pioneer of meme culture summed it up: ‘I’m obviously not a visionary, but I predicted that the internet would be shitty back in 1999.'”—Elizabeth Zaleski

“I’ve been reading Jim Harrison’s novel, The English Major, because I like the idea of waking up one morning and following a jigsaw puzzle map of  the United States around the country in an old beat-up vehicle and throwing away the previous state piece once one crosses into a new state. Seems like a healthy way to deal with a mid-life crisis.” —Clark Whitehorn

“I’ve been reading An Incipient Mutiny by Dwight R. Messimer, one of our ‘airplane series’ (Hunt for Jimmie Browne and Bold Venture) from Potomac Books of a couple of seasons ago. They are all worth reading if you are interested in three very different periods of American military aviation.”—Roger Buchholz

World Travel by Anthony Bourdain and Laurie Woolever. It re-visits places around the world that Anthony visited with quotes from him as well as material written by his friends and the people he worked with. This was a project that Anthony and his assistant Laurie talked about doing before his death but I don’t think they got very far with it at the time. I’m glad she was able to put it together and get it published.”—Erica Corwin

“I am reading Fidelis by Teresa Fazio. I like to read the occasional military memoir and Teresa has an interesting story to tell and I enjoy her writing very much. I had wanted to read this as soon as it came out, but I had to wait for a reason to go into the office so I could get it. It was worth the wait.” —Rob Buchanan

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