Introducing the UNP Footnotes!

Early this year, UNP’s new running (and walking) team was formed. The plan is to participate in local runs on a quarterly basis or more. Our first run was the end of March.

The Spring Forward Run was a great first race for Footnotes! Our matching t-shirts looked awesome (thanks, Nathan!) Jane and her husband, Lacey and her boyfriend, Lindsey, Bolor, Nathan, Amy, Tish, Elizabeth and I attended! Clark attended remotely and ran the 5k with us in Helena, MT. A few folks ran the 5k and 10k mile, but many of us walked so that we could catch up and chat with each other. It was the perfect morning for a walk and we’re excited to get ready for our next one!

—Taylor Rothgeb

A big thank you to our sponsors: Francie & Finch Bookshop, the Running Company, and the Montana History Foundation!

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