National Golf Month Reading List

The Professional Golfer’s Association of America (P.G.A.) founded the first National Golf Month in August 1993 to promote golf as a family-friendly and inclusive sport that could be accessible to all ages, genders, and skill levels.

With the 2022 FedEx Cup Playoffs starting this past weekend, the 2021-2022 tour is soon coming to a close. We know you will be craving more golf and in celebration of National Golf Month we’ve created a reading list of un-fore-gettable titles!

Tee up a new read this month with these books:

  1. The Immortal Bobby by Ron Rapoport
  2. The Masters by David Sowell
  3. The Hole Truth by Bill Felber
  4. Playing Through by Jim Moriarty
  5. Arnie, Seve, and a Fleck of Golf History by Bill Fields with Foreword by Ben Crenshaw
  6. The Poetics of Gold by Andy Brumer
  7. Wide Open Fairways by Bradley S. Klein
  8. The Kingdom of Gold in America by Richard J Moss
  9. Out of the Bunker and into the Trees, or the Secret of High-Tension Gold by Rex Lardner
  10. Straight Down the Middle by Josh Karp
  11. King of Clubs by Jim Ducibella
  12. Brassies, Mashies, and Bootleg Scotch by Bill Kilpatrick
  13. Let There Be Pebble by Zacharay Michael Jack
  14. Pull Up a Chair by Curt Smith
  15. Heroes and Ballyhoo by Michael K Bohn

For further reading, check out our Sports, Media and Society series!

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