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UNP’s new Podcast Behind the Book


Susan Nguyen’s Dear Diaspora won the AAAS Outstanding Achievement in Creative Writing (Poetry) Award


Mine Mine Mine

Review in Poetry Foundation:

“Uhuru Portia Phalafala’s Mine Mine Mine enters not only the South African mines where her grandfather worked but also the lungs of the miners, and even the mind of the industry, the greed of its white owners and their new slavery…”

Creek Internationalis in an Age of Revolution, 1763-1818

Review in H-Net Reviews:

“What all of this amounts to is that Hill has crafted a meticulous narrative that reflects how individual talwas and talofas have and likely continue to shape Muscogee history.”

The Nature of Data

Review in H-Net Reviews:

“At a time when the apparent dematerialization of economies, the hypertrophy of the digital sphere, the predominance of social networks, and the advancement of artificial intelligence value the immaterial, it is worth remembering that, more than ever, this so-called fourth revolution is made possible by the implementation of material infrastructures.”

Cold War Paradise

Review in H-Net Reviews:

“Atalia Shragai’s historical ethnography examines the experiences of US immigrants who arrived in Costa Rica between the close of World War II and 1980. Cold War Paradise promises to contribute to a growing field of scholarship that considers the experiences of “privileged” or “lifestyle-oriented” migrants, through its focus on the way US Americans in Costa Rica constructed both individual and collective identities.”

Author Interviews

Under My Bed and Other Essays

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John DeChant

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Elliot West

Interview with Current

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