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Mary Clearman Blew’s Think of Horses has won the Western Heritage Award for best Western novel of 2023 from the National Cowboy Hall of Fame/Western Heritage Museum

Laura Bylenok’s Living Room is a finalist for the Medal Provocateur Award – Eric Hoffer Award category

Winner will be announced on April 17th

Alejandro J. Gómez del Moral’s Buying into Change is a co-winner of the 2023 Hagley Prize for Best Book in Business History 



Review in The Reporter:

“In his conclusion, Zeitlin notes that he hopes to give readers a chance to experience a wide range of Jewish perspectives on the world. In that, he has definitely succeeded.”

American Journalists in the Great War

Review in Roads to the Great War:

“Author Chris Dubbs has crafted an easy-to-read examination of the men and women who brought the Great War to America’s newspapers and homes. He provides a birds-eye view of his subject spiced by personal anecdotes.”

The Book of Revolutions

Review in Commonweal:

The Book of Revolutions [is] an easy-to-read yet scholarly and deeply spiritual commentary on the Pentateuch. Whereas many popular commentaries on the Pentateuch prioritize the well-known narratives in Genesis, Exodus, and Numbers, this volume focuses on the legal texts predominantly in Exodus, Leviticus, and Deuteronomy, using an academic historical-critical analysis of the texts to trace the development of the Torah over centuries.”

Northern Paiutes of the Malheur

Review in H-Net Reviews:

Northern Paiutes of the Malheur is a beautiful book, one that seeks to finally deliver the justice the Northern Paiute were due after the war and never received. Wilson does not shy away from the ruinous effects of the war, duly noting how Rinehart’s quick disparagement of Egan became the central myth of Paiute involvement in the Bannock War.”

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