From the Desk of O. Alan Weltzien #FindYourPark

This year the National Park Service celebrates its 100th anniversary and as the National Park Foundation said, “the Centennial is more than a birthday. We want people everywhere to embrace the opportunities to explore, learn, be inspired or simply have fun in their 407 national parks….” UNP asked its authors to write about their favorite National Park to contribute to the #FindYourPark campaign on social media. The following contribution comes from O. Alan Weltzien, author of Exceptional Mountains: A Cultural History of the Pacific Northwest Volcanoes (Nebraska, 2016).   At Tahoma I usually fail when asked about my favorite author or composer or rocker or beer … Continue reading From the Desk of O. Alan Weltzien #FindYourPark

10 Things You Could Be Doing Other than Playing Pokémon Go

Anna Weir is a publicist who still owns a Gameboy Color. The new augmented reality game has augmented everyday life. It seems the only activity people can talk about lately is playing Pokémon Go. I can see the appeal, I really can. It’s new. It’s fun. It brings back childhood memories that, like the rest of the 90s, many kids from that decade thought were long behind them. Moreover, it gets people out and about. Local businesses, ministries, libraries, and parks have their opened doors as hotspots, inviting this new crowd of potential customers into their “gyms.” Just the other … Continue reading 10 Things You Could Be Doing Other than Playing Pokémon Go