A Conviction for an Algerian Jihidist in Paris by James D. Le Sueur

As Dominque de Villepin continues to argue that the French government will succumb to being blackmailed by the French streets, Nicolas Sarkozy has already asked de Villepin to withdraw his labor law designed to make the workplace more flexible and modernize the overwhelmed state.  Read: Libération

This clash between two men with presidential aspirations has overshadowed another important event from today’s headlines. 

It was over ten years ago that the Algerian jihadist by the name of Rachid Ramada orchestrated the 1995 deadly attacks on the Paris metro , which killed 8 people and wounded over 200 others.  It took ten years to work through the extradition process, as Ramada fled from France to England where he was granted political asylum.  Ironically, it took the 7/7 bombings in London to convince British authorities that something was amiss in this process. 

Read the London Times article.

Well, at least one major institution in France seems to have been at work today, and for the victims of the 1995 bombings in Paris, it was a good day in France — despite the mess that the streets, the prime minister, and the interior minister seem to have created this spring.

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