a little random

Ihave decided in my book reviews of old science fiction not to harp on the blatent lack of equality because, first of all, most of it was written before the women’s movement and secondly because it would get boring.  However, there is the teeth grinding line in every book that has to be mentioned.  In The Wonder it was this:

The supreme ambition of all great women–and have not all women the potentialities of greatness?–is to give birth to a god.  That ambition it is which is marred by the disappointing birth of a female child–when the man-child is born, there is always hope…

Yup.  Just makes you cringe.

On another note, Elizabeth Bear has written some great things about writing novels and writing in general.  If you’ve ever felt bitten by the bug, you should check it out.

And finally, an interesting take on "hard fantasy."  (A link which I picked up while looking at Elizabeth Bear’s live journal.)