Calling All Ted Heads…


just perused Writing Brave and Free, jointly authored by Steve Cox and Ted Kooser.  Writing_brave_and_free_2When I opened
this slim book, I expected a book full of writing exercises—chapters devoted entirely to Description, Setting, Character, Plot, etc.  Was I wrong!

1) The book speaks to all writing—be it writing fiction, poetry, journaling, even scribbling. Each act of writing is treated with importance.

2) I should mention (because I’m a lazy reader) that each chapter is just a very thin slice, often a couple pages long, focusing on one idea at time—getting to the point and moving on to the next lesson.

Ted_head3) It speaks to writing in a way that I didn’t expect.  Cox and Kooser
turn the body into an ear in their discussion.  They mention physical
“writing” exercises to relax your body.  They discuss the tactile sense
of writing pen-to-paper, rather than by keyboard.  And there’s a simple
moment when they observe how the way you grip a pencil can affect what
and how you write.

This is a quick read and it’s powerful in surprising ways. I see myself
teaching it in classes down the road. Kooser will be reading at the
Nebraska Summer Writers’ Conference (which the UN Press has sponsored
over the years) among other great names.  Show up in your Ted Head
shirt and you’ll be sure
to get some laughs!

— Éiluj

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