A brief, yet personal, introduction


, up until this moment, may have been the last American blogging virgin.  That’s right, never read one and had never posted.  "Why start now?" you ask.  It’s a great question.  Simply put, it scared me.  To put my thoughts down in writing is one thing. But to put them out there in the great wide everywhere for everyone to read (judge) scared me.  It can only be compared to stage fright. You’ve practiced, prepared, and waited for your big chance to prove to the world that you’ve got the chops–the curtain goes up–and you choke, freeze, forget what and why you thought this would be a good idea.  Some will say that those moments are "learning experiences," but I say that they are embarassing and not moments most want to relive.  So, here I am on this stage with the curtain slowly rising and I hope I don’t choke. 

My next post should be coming soon–and I intend for it to have some real meat-and-potatoes type of content about a fabulous book that made me stop and think about the bigger picture and how I fit in it.

So, now that I’ve officially lost my blogging virginity, you have to do the equivalent of making breakfast for me the next morning, and check back soon to read my next post.

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