A book of biblical proportion

The Mover of Bones by Robert Vivian is truly a book of biblical proportion in more ways
than one.  It is a book that speaks of life and death in such a poetic way, you almost feel as if you are in church listening to a sermon written solely to make you think about Mover_of_bones_cover_3
your life and how big of a mess you’ve made of it, and how on Earth you are going to start to pull it together.

Each story in this book has its own truth, warning, moral, and gospel-like lesson to be extracted.  Chapters cover life, death, resurrection, homosexuality, sodomy, abortion, and everything that might come in between.  Vivian does not stand on either side of a drawn line on any of these topics, but he does present such a crystal-clear situation that you as a reader are made to think about how you feel.

I know for me, I have to feel something very real and honest about
the character to allow myself to move forward in a book with some
enthusiasm.  Well, Vivian is giving his readers some tough situations
to wrestle with. Once you have thought the situation through and tried
to see it from all points of view, the story becomes all the more
addicting, and you want to keep reading to see where Jesse Breedlove
will move those bones next. 

Nothing will make you think more about life, than death.  Nothing
will hold more attention than the morbid and frightening.  This book is
inundated with morbid and frightening situations, yet they all seem so
necessary and relevant as you are reading them — they almost start to
seem normal.  These are very clever ways of holding your audience in
the palm of your literary hand.  (Very clever Robert Vivian…I am

I translated the title of the last chapter from German and found
that it means "the departure."  I know that there are more than
eighteen chapters in the Old Testament — so I am very much looking
forward to the next book(s) that continue the biblical pilgrimage and
saga of Jesse Breedlove, the Mover of Bones. 

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