“Question” awakens my motivation

T his may be one of the shortest books I have ever read, has taken the longest time to get through, and even longer to mentally digest.  The Question , by Henri Alleg, was challenging for me to read.  I love fiction and I love poetry.  This was NONFICTION to the highest degree.  So real it felt surreal.  I tried and tried to put myself in his position to imagine what I would do – – the only conclusion I came to is that I am a much weaker person than I hoped I would be.  Mr. Alleg endured tortures that no human should have ever even heard mentioned.  I would have sold out many a friend upon the mere thought of my child experiencing even an iota of his tortures.  But for him to stay so strong, come bluff or beating, is absolutely amazing.   

The_questionI still haven’t fully wrapped my head around the atrocities endured in this book, but I stand firm in believing that it should be read by all who can.  People need to know that if this can happen once, it surely can happen again.  (Naive to think it isn’t happening already.)  Given the current political climate, I will make this short, sweet, and not about personal political stance – – I am glad that this book is being published again and I can only hope that people read it and take a part of it with them through life.  To remember what we have as far as freedom goes,  remember not to take it for granted, and hopefully reinstate a feeling of appreciation that will motivate the masses to not sit idly by and watch it be stolen from us without a fight.

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