UNP Author in Bud Greenspan Documentary

On February 1, 2007, Showtime will begin airing the Bud Greenspan documentary Pride Against Prejudice: The Larry Doby Story.  Larry Doby was the second black baseball player to cross the color line when he joined the Cleveland Indians, soon Branch_rickey
after Branch Rickey signed Jackie Robinson to the Brooklyn Dodgers.

Lee Lowenfish, author of Branch Rickey: Baseball’s Ferocious Gentleman, (UNP, April 2007) is featured in the film.  Famed Sportscaster and actor Bob Costas remarked, "[j]ust about everyone knows that Branch Rickey played a major role in
modern baseball’s most important development, the breaking of the color
line. Yet, even if you somehow put that aside, ‘The Mahatma’ would
still rank as one of baseball’s most influential and enduringly
significant figures. It’s that complete Branch Rickey, ‘Rickey in
Full,’ that Lee Lowenfish presents here."

Showtime schedule for Pride Against Prejudice: The Larry Doby Story

Branch Rickey: Baseball’s Ferocious Gentleman book page, which include an excerpt and table of contents

2 thoughts on “UNP Author in Bud Greenspan Documentary

  1. Bud Greenspan Presents Pride against Prejudice: the Larry Doby Story was the best 55 minutes I ever spent watching television. Working with student teachers and their youngsters in Philadelphia where a groundbreaking ‘elective’ (African American History) has greatly raised the intellectual energy and belief that ‘history matters’ I am now much more sensitive to look for potentially meaningful programs to enrich students’ (and my) experiences. The program is exquisitely woven fabric of Larry Doby’s life experiences and journey but that of our country in a pivotal time in the laying of key foundations for the civil rights movement; I cannot but hope that it will be on again so that I can see the missed opening and to really get a chance to soak it all in a second time. My sincere thanks to Bud Greenspan!

  2. Im employed by the boy’s and girl’s club in independence missouri and i am interested in sharing your class with my kids. If you can be of any assistance in providing information, videoes, books or any literature that would allow me to teach a school age class on racial sensitivity, i would greatly appreciate it. I think your tap program will be of great benefit for our kids. you can contact me at 816-257-7010. thank you for your time kindly.

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