A Post of Links

I don’t usually make myself known.  I kind of like for the University of Nebraska Press blog to exist in a sort of mystery.  Truth is, someone coordinates this blog, and I so happen to be that someone.  Today, and probably for today only, I decided to remove the shielding screen (imagine the end of the Wizard of Oz — I’m that guy with all those buttons, bells and whistles in the Emerald Palace.  Only, I’m a gal. . .) to talk about the links on our sidebar.  They’re over there to the right of this post. I’m afraid that people may forget to visit those links and, other times, I run across blog posts or websites that I want to share with everyone I can.  So, like other blogsites, I will highlight some links in a post once a week.  Today, I want to share with you some neat sites UNP authors have concocted.

Aaron Raz Link has a book coming out soon called What Becomes You.  His mother, Hilda Raz, poet and EiC of the Prairie Schooner, has written parts of the book.  Having read the book, I can honestly say that it was one of the best memoirs I’ve ever read.  Not only is the writing poetic and engrossing, the subject matter–changing sex–is intriguing.  To get a taste of Aaron’s writing, visit his blog.

Every wonder about the von Trapp family or, specifically, George von Trapp before their escape from Nazi Germany?   The UNP book page for To the Last Salute states that his memories of commanding a U-boat during WWI shows us why the Nazis desperately wanted him as a captain.  His granddaughter, Elizabeth M. Campbell, translated To the Last Salute.  You can learn more about the book and her on her website.  I’m not sure if she sings.

Finally, author and photographer Joel Sartore (Nebraska: Under a Big Red Sky) has a beautiful website with a wonderful photo gallery.  Sartore, who is a  contributer for the National Geographic Magazine, recently was featured in a documentary entitled At Close Range: On Assignment with National Geographic


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