More Praise for The Best of All Seasons

Best_of_all_seasons The Best of All Seasons: Fifty Years as a Montana Hunter by Dan Aadland

“[A]n unapologetic, honest, and oftentimes nostalgic glimpse into the subsistence-through-recreation type of hunting that many multi-job, mortgage-payin’, real live Montanans participate in every year. Dan Aadland, a retired teacher and rancher from Absarokee, brings to life in this book what a truly enriching, educating, and humbling experience hunting can be. Aadland’s memoirs are accessible and relatable right from the beginning. . . . [His] honesty is as dead on as his Ruger #1s. . . . That is what makes The Best of All Seasons a great book—it is really just one big campfire story packed fill of wit, wisdom, and humor, and one can’t help but enjoy it.”—Outside Bozeman

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