Praise for Only a Game

Only_a_game Only a Game by Bill Littlefield

“Littlefield isn’t merely a voice of sanity in the overly critical, overly hyped world of sports, he’s also a fine writer whose wry essays explore the pains and pleasures of fandom, the perseverance of great athletes in lesser-known sports like women’s ice hockey, and the intersection of sports and family. Littlefield blends a love of sports with a healthy perspective, a yearning to look at sports as one part of a life, but not the only part. . . . The author’s love of sports is abundant, but it’s an adult kind of love. In his final essay, Littlefield lyrically explains why sports are so beloved: ‘It is for the temporary connection to beauty that the game offers: the beauty of the perfect move, selected and executed for its own sake; the joy of the marriage of talent and skills developed from hard practice. It’s an image that celebrates life.’ Only a Game does the same.”—Boston Globe

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