Praise for Good Neighbors, Bad Times

Good_neighbors_bad_timesGood Neighbors, Bad Times: Echoes of My Father’s German Village by Mimi Schwartz

“[A]n eloquent and affectionate account. . . . Schwartz’s tone is gentle, her prose brilliantly clear and her insights keen.”—Kirkus Reviews

“A fascinating picture, atypical of so much written on the subject. Blessed with good antennae and a skeptical mind, Ms. Schwartz is not an innocent abroad. Never gullible or credulous, but open to the evidence of her own eyes and ears, she is an ideal guide to her father’s lost world, which for so long she resisted. . . . It is a measure of her nuanced approach and refusal to settle for pat, simplistic answers that her book finds and genuinely values a rare point of light in that darkest of times without ever exaggerating its overall significance.” —Martin Rubin, The Washington Times

“[A] beautiful memoir of introspection and contrasts.”—Harriet P. Gross, Dallas Morning News

“Schwartz’s excellent presentation defies categorization. It has some elements of journalism, autobiography, history, reporting, feature writing, and literature. All these components are creatively combined to result in an eminently readable product that grips the reader’s attention. Schwartz has augmented our limited capacity to comprehend the Holocaust, which is ultimately an incomprehensible phenomenon.”—Morton Teicher, National Jewish Post & Opinion

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