Review roundup


Drama and Pride in the Gateway CityDrama and Pride in the Gateway City

by Bill Nowlin and in C70 at the Bat

you use this book, the important thing is this: it belongs in a place of honor
on your shelf of Cardinal literature.”

-Daniel Shoptaw


The May/June issue of the Association
of Jewish Libraries Review
included reviews of the following:


We Are HereWe Are Here: Memories of the
Lithuanian Holocaust
by Ellen Cassedy

“What distinguishes this work is
the quality of the writing. Though it is a well-researched and very up-to-date presentation
about Lithuania, it never feels dense or academic. It remains fresh and breezy
despite its serious subject matter, with vivid descriptions of the beauty of
Lithuania’s towns and countryside, and of her Yiddish teachers and fellow

– Beth
Dwoskin (Page 21)


From Gods to GodFrom Gods to God
by Avigdor
Shinan and Yair Zakovitch

“The authors make clear that it
is not their intent to ‘uncover historical fact’ but rather to know ‘what
people told about the history of their world, their people and their heroes.’

Although the book is written with
the specialist in mind, it is written and translated clearly and effectively and
is accessible to the general interested reader.”

– David
Tesler (Page 34)


9780803271364Singer’s Typewriter and Mine
by Ilan

“A wonderful collection of
humorous, witty and thought-provoking articles by Ilan Stavans, the
Lewis-Sebring Professor in Latin American and Latino Culture at Amherst
College, Massachusetts… This book is
recommended for all libraries.”


– Sonia
Smith (Page 36)

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