Review roundup

Drama and Pride in the Gateway CityDrama and Pride in the
Gateway City
by John Harry Stahl and Bill Nowlin in Redbird Rants

“Without the Philadelphia Phillies‘ epic collapse and the Cardinals
epic comeback to win nearly a dozen games, there would have likely been a
3-team playoff between the Cardinals, Phillies, and Cincinnati Reds. Had that
happened, we might or might not be celebrating the 1964 World Series 50th
anniversary in 2014. More importantly, this book would not be sitting on your
bookshelf–which it should anyway.”

-Daniel Solzman

So Far, So GoodSo Far, So Good
Ralph Salisbury in the Minneapolis Star

“Like a grandfatherly storyteller, Salisbury takes readers
on tangents that are, initially, jarring. It doesn’t take long, though, to fall
into the pleasant role of rapt listener.”

-Elizabeth Wilkinson



Conspiracy of SilenceConspiracy of Silence

by Chris Lamb in C70 at the Bat

“Chris Lamb does an excellent job of laying out all the
players, showing them for their faults and credits, and pointing out how their
work laid–or fought–the groundwork for Robinson’s debut.”



9780803243828Upton Sinclair
by Lauren
Coodley in Publishers Weekly

“Coodley’s biography should renew interest in the works of
this passionate writer.”




Domesticated Wild ThingsDomesticated Wild
by Xhenet Aliu in Publishers Weekly

and vibrant, Aliu’s characters do not always reach the heights they desire, but
they never lose their resilience.”




Death Zones & Darling SpiesDeath Zones & Darling

by Beverly Deepe Keever in the Lincoln
Journal Star

“Keever is an excellent storyteller…”

–Carolyn Johnsen




The X-15 Rocket PlaneThe X-15 Rocket Plane

by Michelle Evans in The Space Review

X-15 Rocket Plane
 is an engaging account of America’s push into
space before pilots became astronauts, and America began a new era of
exploration beyond the Earth to the Moon.”

-Anthony Young


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