Review roundup

BlythChiricahua and Janos
by Lance R. Blyth in eScholarship

Chiricahua and Janos
supplies the kind of closely presented evidence that is necessary to critique,
develop, revise, emend, and amend theoretical accounts of frontier change and
social evolution.”

-Thomas D. Hall


HooshHoosh by Jason C.
Anthony in Ralph Magazine

“This is fine adventure. The pretense is that it is the
South Pole Lifestyle cookbook but it is really an excellent summary of a time
when to prove your manhood all you had to do was raise a million dollars and
spend a year freezing your a** off in the most ghastly place on earth while

-L.W. Milam


In Sun's Likeness & PowerIn Sun’s Likeness and
by James Mooney in Monsters and Critics

“Overall, this is a stunning achievement and an important
legacy that can be appreciated by historians, artists and art students, and
anyone with an interest in Native American spiritual beliefs. Do not allow the
hefty price tag deter you from adding this invaluable reference to your

-Sandy Amazeen

Horizon's LensHorizon’s Lens
Elizabeth Dodd in

“They are dense and highly saturated, full of weight and
import. It’s clear Dodd invested herself tremendously in writing these essays,
and reading them, in order to fully absorb and appreciate all that they
contain, demands the same effort and investment by the reader. Some may find
this sort of undistracted attention challenging, and the density and mostly
introspective voice (most characters are peripheral and scenes are infrequent)
could limit Dodd’s audience.

Still, the stories here offer far more than a mere “glimpse
of something larger, unpricked by our own particulars, undimmed by
self-referential veil or shade,” and if readers are willing to commit to Dodd’s
meditative journey, it is one well worth taking.”

-Melanie Dylan Fox

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