Review roundup

WeedsWeeds: A Farm Daughter’s Lament
by Evelyn I. Funda in

“While patiently recounting the deep immigrant roots that
permeate her personal history, Funda has crafted an intensely American story.
She channels Willa Cather when writing of her mother, who traveled west from
New York City on the promise of an epistolary friendship after only recently
escaping Moravia with her life and little else.” —Colleen Mondor



Bridging Two DynastiesBridging Two Dynasties
by Lyle
Spatz in Library Journal

“The pieces are written in the
lively voices of writers deeply instilled with Yankees lore. Fans of the
historical Yankees are likely to love this. For every Yankees collection.” —MH



Works CitedWorks Cited
by Brandon R. Schrand
in Richard Gilbert’s blog

“My summer’s most happy reading
surprise was Works Cited, a well-written memoir with a structure
both clever and pleasing.”—Richard Gilbert




In the Shadows of a Fallen WallIn the Shadows of a Fallen Wall by Sanford Tweedie in Readers Lane

“In the Shadows of a Fallen
Wall is a success, both as a family adventure and as a
cultural exploration of a unique period of European history.  Tweedie’s
bravery and persistence in the face of formidable challenges makes for an
entertaining and recommended read.” —D. Driftless


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