Review roundup

LazarOccasional Desire
David Lazar
Reviewed on

“In the world of essay writing there is a gap that is rarely filled, between the mass-market dilettante approach of magazines like the New Yorker, the proudly obscure realm of academia, and the emotional acuity of the memoirist. In Occasional Desire, David Lazar seeks to piece together the best elements of these differing styles, defining and demonstrating his ideals for the essay form while ruminating on Curb Your Enthusiasm, death, and public pay phones in the process.”

-Michael Buening

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Upton Sinclair Coodley
California Socialist, Celebrity Intellectual
Lauren Coodley
Reviewed in Historical Novel Society

“Perhaps you’ve seen the bumper sticker: ‘If you’re not outraged, you’re not paying attention.’ Upton Sinclair was paying attention. This biography is a balanced but sympathetic look at the idealistic, passionate man who wrote The Jungle when he was just 25.”

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WolffFried Walleye and Cherry Pie
Midwestern Writers on Food
Edited and with an introduction by Peggy Wolff
Reviewed in The Chicago Tribune

“As alternately beloved and disdained as flyover country itself, Midwestern food stretches far beyond the fried walleye and cherry pie that make up the title of this expansive new collection. And as edited by Tribune contributor Peggy Wolff, the volume exemplifies not just the culinary eclecticism of a dozen-odd states and their Great Lakes, high plains, river valleys and deep woods, but also the scope of the authors’ approach to their subject matter.”
-Martha Bayne

Read an excerpt from the book.

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