UP Week: Meet the Press

Upweek-logo-2013Thirty-seven presses will unite for the Association of American University Presses annual University Press Week blog tour, which runs November 11-15. Individual presses will blog on a different theme each day, including profiles of university press staff members, the future of scholarly communication, subject area spotlights, the importance of regional publishing, and the global reach of university presses.


Nov. 11, Meet the Press – Quotes from Colleagues! 

“University presses are true partners with the academic community in the review, refinement, and dissemination of research; they are stewards of scholarship.” -Kyla Madden, Senior Editor at McGill-Queen’s University Press

“I’ve learned that no one really understands copyright. I’ve learned that Millard Fillmore established the first White House library. I’ve learned that the less you change when you edit a book, the more impressed the author will be with your astuteness. I’ve learned that someone named Garnier is probably a werewolf or related to one. And I’ve learned that finding mistakes in camera-ready proofs is not a good strategy for getting ahead in publishing.” -John Morris, Manuscript Editor at Penn State Press

“Our primary mandate is still to bring new knowledge to light, to nurture excellent new scholarship and disseminate it as broadly as we can, so that it can advance the scholarly conversations of a given field.” -Laurie Matheson, Editor-in-Chief at University of Illinois Press

“Never assume scholars know the gritty idiosyncrasies of the publication process, never assume authors left something out on purpose, never assume another book has or has not been published on a subject, never assume authors are thinking the same thing you are, never assume a book is so obviously fabulous that you don’t need to talk to your colleagues about it—I could go on all day.” -Sian Hunter, Assistant Editor-in-Chief at University Press of Florida

Meet more staff members of UPs: 

Joel Bradshaw, soon-to-retire University of Hawai’i Press
Journals Manager

David Rosenbaum, new Director of University of Missouri Press

Laura Furney, Managing Editor at University Press of Colorado and Utah State University Press

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