UP Week: The Importance of Regional Publishing

Upweek-logo-2013Thirty-seven presses will unite for the Association of American University Presses annual University Press Week blog tour, which runs November 11-15. Individual presses will blog on a different theme each day, including profiles of university press staff members, the future of scholarly communication, subject area spotlights, the importance of regional publishing, and the global reach of university presses.


Nov. 14, The Importance of Regional Publishing – Support Local, Read Global 

“‘New York is My Campus, Fordham is My School.’ This slogan appears on banners around campus and in literature promoting the university. New York City is an integral part of Fordham’s DNA and one it uses as a selling point to prospective students.” –Fordham University Press

“In staying true not only to the meaning of the culture that surrounds us, but to the custom of sharing, LSU Press and its titles serve as an extension of the heritage that we disseminate.” –Louisiana State University Press

“We publish well-written and engaging books for readers eager to learn more about the place in which they live or visit, and to facilitate their exploration, entertainment, and enjoyment of the region.” –Oregon State University Press

“But we can all become regional writers. Why? Because we all have stories to tell, no matter how provincial or how far-flung. And these stories, these observations stand the test of time serving an important purpose for the past, present and the future.” –Syracuse University Press

“Support your local university press. They’re publishing what matters to you.” –University of Alabama Press

“Done right, the study of an individual chunk of the globe not only uncovers new information; it can prompt us to think in new ways about the wider world.” –University of Nebraska Press

“…we need university presses more than ever to work in concert with authors, booksellers, and reading communities to build conversations that scale from the local to the global and back again.” –University of North Carolina Press

“The heritage of Kentucky is rich and it has been our privilege to enrich our community for the past 70 years.” –University Press of Kentucky 

“It is in that magic of defining a target audience that things get very different.” –University Press of Mississippi

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